Healthy Burgers for Diabetics


There are different types of burgers but a person who is suffering from diabetics cannot enjoy eating burgers but this issue has also been resolved now and such persons can also enjoy eating burgers. They are also like you and me can enjoy eating burger whenever they desire. The recipe I shall explore here under will not bring any change to the taste or anything else but there will be no issue of diabetics and such persons can also enjoy eating burgers without much trouble. Here is the burger for diabetics recipe to consider.

Try to spray skillet with cooking spray. Now combine beef, liquid smoke, onion soup, egg, cheese, mushroom soup and black pepper in the bowl and mix them completely. Now try to form meat mixture used into six patties. In skillet, you need to brown the patties from one side. You need to turn it to other side and cook gently. This burger contains only 3 lean protein exchanges for diabetics’ persons and those who are suffering from diabetics can enjoy this burger easily. There is no need to suffer more with life as the other does. Now everyone can enjoy such burgers without any tension.

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